Tasting Demos
We provide a complete turnkey solution for suppliers to perform tasting demos throughout the U.S. Our demo facilitators are trained to educate consumers on your brands, encouraging them to purchase after participating. Let us design a program that is right for you. Whether you have a new product or an established favorite, we can provide what you need!

Our services include:
  •  Trained/Certified representatives for retail sampling and hands-on selling.
  •  Pre and post communication with all parties.
  •  Customer contact/interaction along with consumer feedback, POS usage,

    Brand WatchDog Services

    Our Brand WatchDog assessments will provide a fresh prospective on your products in the 
    retail environment.

    Store Assessments: Brand Owners
    Gather real time physical brand positioning information about brands/regions in key ON & OFF premise retail locations throughout the U.S. Conducting physical in store Brand Assessment is a vital supplement to the statistical findings that can be acquired with internet search engines. 

    How does your brand stack up?
    Need to get a feel for your Brands/Region US positioning?
    Is your Brand’s shelf position what it should be?
    Did your Brand make it to the Wine list?
    Need a quick inventory or price check?
    How do you compare to your competition?
    Want to gather specific information regarding competitors?
    Did those shelf talkers, bottle hangers, etc. ever make it to the floor?
    What about that expensive display? Is it UP?

    Mystery Shopping 
    Brand Owners
    Our Brand WatchDog will
    visit on/off - premise promotional events while they are happening, participate in the event, take pictures and prepare a Shopper Report for your review.
    In Store Review Retailers 
    Our Brand WatchDog will visit your store, observe operations and interact with staff to gather perspectives based on your special Shopper Report.