Stain Rx® Care & Use Guide 

Directions for Stain Rx® Wipes

Stain Rx® wipes in a convenient single use package are great for on-the-go, 

briefcases, pocketbooks, and travel.

1. As soon as possible, moisten stained area with water.

2. Use wipe to treat stain, rinse well with water and launder as usual.


You should perform a simple test on all color fabrics. Occasionally some fabrics may not be colorfast and then Stain Rx® is not recommended. Select an inconspicuous area (hem or other hidden area) apply  a few drops of Stain Rx®. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes rinse and dry (may use hair dryer). If after this  test no difference in the color of the original fabric can be detected, the material is considered colorfast and you may proceed with stain removal.

Clothing and Linens:     

Caution: Never treat fabric or clothing while wearing them.

1. Blot excess liquid. If the stain is dry, gently brush or scrape off excess.

2. Perform a colorfast test.

3. If possible, rinse the stained area with cold water.

4. Blot Stain Rx® directly onto stain(s), rub in gently if needed.

5. Rinse well with water.

6. For stubborn (old or set) stains, repeat if necessary.

7. After removing or treating stain, launder as usual. Always follow manufacturer care tag.

8. Heat sets stains. Dry only after stain is completely removed.

Glassware, sinks, stainless steel, plastic items, cabinets, counter tops, furniture and other non-porous surfaces:

1. Apply Stain Rx® directly to stained area.

2. Rinse well with water.


1. Rub in gently.

2. Rinse well with water.

3. Repeat if necessary.

Upholstery and Carpeting:

1. Perform colorfast test.

2 Apply Stain Rx® sparingly and blot to remove or treat the stain.

3. Use an electric carpet shampooer or wet/dry shopvac with water to rinse and remove 100% of the soapy residue.

4. Repeat if necessary.

Fabric rejuvenation: Stain Rx® works wonders on yellowed and dingy fabrics.

1. Perform colorfast test.

2. Apply Stain Rx® directly to stains.

3. Launder using 1 to 2 fl. oz. of Stain Rx® depending on your load size. Your colors should look brighter and whites whiter.

4. Repeat if necessary.

Jewelry (platinum, gold, and diamond jewelry):

1. Soak items in Stain Rx® or rub Stain Rx® onto jewelry using a soft brush.

2. Rinse well with water.

3. Repeat if necessary.

General Directions:

For best results, apply as soon as possible. For blood stains, always blot or rinse with cold water first.

All cautions apply to every surface you treat.

Stain Rx® removes many tough and even old stains.
Stain Rx® represents a completely different chemistry compared to other stain removers on the market. Stain Rx® does not contain harsh oxidizing agents such as peroxide or chlorine bleach, which may adversely affect fabric. It is generally safe on all washable fabrics EXCEPT rayon and acetate. Test for colorfastness on all dyed fabrics, especially silk and wool, before treating stains.  Stain Rx® may also be used on all stainless steel surfaces, plastic and glassware. Many variables affect stain removal including the age, type of stain and fabric quality.
Stain Rx®, as Erado-Sol, has been used in the medical and industrial fields for more than 50 years prior to being offered for household use. It has a very long and successful track record, and we expect that you will be equally satisfied.